Artificial intelligence and indoor air quality: better health with new technologies

Intelligence artificielle et qualité de l’air intérieur : les nouvelles technologies au service de la santé

Yann Boquillod
Founder of AirVisual

Although many people imagine that enclosed spaces offer protection from outdoor pollution, the indoor air is very often contaminated by harmful substances created by everyday household cleaning and cooking activities as well as from outdoor pollution from sources such as vehicles and industry, particularly in the megacities of Asia.

Founded in 2015 by two French entrepreneurs, AirVisual is a company whose primary mission is to raise awareness of air quality. By off ering connected sensors for measuring indoor air quality, the company makes it possible for everybody to optimize their indoor air quality, which in turn limits health risks from exposure to fine particles and excessive concentrations of CO2. In addition, aggregating data from governments, satellite images and outdoor sensors that AirVisual has installed worldwide has enabled the startup to create an interactive world map of air quality on our planet, helping to increase awareness of the importance of air quality and encouraging solutions that are relevant to local contexts.