The Veolia Institute Review - FACTS Reports

The Veolia Institute Review - FACTS Reports is an international publication that offers cross-cutting perspectives on social and environmental issues.

Created in 2007, this interdisciplinary journal aims to disseminate good practices implemented in the field, as well as the expertise of different actors: researchers, international organizations, NGOs, social entrepreneurs, public authorities, companies, etc.

Concerning both developing and developed countries, the review covers the following main themes:

  • Access to essential services
  • Biodiversity 
  • Climate Change
  • Governance and societal debate
  • Resources and the circular economy
  • Health and Environment
  • Cities and urban services

To produce the various issues of its Review, the Institute has worked in partnership with consulting firms Archipel&Co and Nomadéis, the University of the Pacific (California), the think tank The Future Society and the Foundation for Studies and Research for International Development (Ferdi).