Co-development of industrial-quality postconsumer recycled plastic: the example of Groupe SEB and Veolia

Photo © Veolia

Ingrid Tams, Environmental Manager, Groupe SEB
Jacques Tanquerel, Plastics Procurement Category Leader, Groupe SEB
Françoise Weber, Head of Extended Producer Responsibility Schemes, Veolia Environmental Services
François Guéneron, Head of Industrial Plastics Recycling, Veolia France

The introduction of quality recycled plastics from closed loop post-consumer waste is an important issue for manufacturers in their efforts to roll out circular economy strategies. But the lack of pre-existing recycling capabilities means that tackling it requires a co-development approach that presents unexpected difficulties and potential. The project discussed in this interview centers on a pioneering partnership between Groupe SEB and Veolia to develop post-consumer recycled polypropylene for use in electrical and electronic appliances.

The project proved highly beneficial for both partners. For Groupe SEB, it was a way of highlighting the potential for incorporating post-consumer recycled plastics, which now encompass various product families, types of plastics and geographical regions. For Veolia, it was the first stage in the development of a recycling process that is now applied worldwide across a range of Ingrid Tams, different sectors.