Copenhagen: resilience and liveability

Copenhague. Photo © Ursula Bach

This article has been written with the support of the City of Copenhagen.

In the past 30 years, Copenhagen has undergone a great transformation. From an ageing, indebted city with fl eeing industries and inhabitants, it has become one of the happiest cities in the world according to different city rankings. Copenhagen has based its resilience on a dynamic economy and a green and inclusive urban environment for its inhabitants. This has materialized through a comprehensive urban development strategy. The city has launched the revitalization of several declining neighborhoods over the course of decades with the objective of building a liveable city with ambitious economic, social and environmental objectives and that offers every citizen a homogenous urban and social fabric.

The aim of Copenhagen is to make the city liveable, so all aspects of citizens’ lives are taken into consideration in an inclusive strategy of urban planning, making cities and inhabitants more resilient to shock and stresses.