Foresight Committee meeting on the Future of Hydrocarbons

The biannual meeting of the Foresight Committee was held on 3 and 4 June 2017 in Paris on the theme "The future of hydrocarbons and petrochemicals: will it be possible to significantly reduce consumption and greenhouse gas emissions? ".

On the agenda of this day of forward-looking discussion:

- Olivier Appert, President, French Energy Council and Advisor, Center for Energy, French Institute of International Relations (IFRI)

"General overview of oil, coal and gas reserves, production and consumption over the past decades and for the coming ones and geopolitical implications"

- Pierre-René Bauquis, former Head of Strategy and Planning, TOTAL
"Medium and long term futures of oil and natural gas: what quantities? At what prices? What greenhouse gas emissions? The point of view of a former Executive of a major oil Company"
- John Scowcroft, Chief Executive Adviser - Europe, Global CCS Institute
"Carbon capture and storage: state of the art and perspectives"
​- Professor Richard Thompson, Faculty of Science & Engineering, University of Plymouth 
"The case of plastics: balancing societal benefits and environmental impacts"

Jean-Christophe Taret, Vice-President Strategy, Direction Development, Innovation and Market, Veolia
How can innovation and the circular economy reduce the use of hydrocarbons and 
petrochemicals, and CO2 emissions?"

- Henri Boyé, Energy consultant, advisor of the Prime Minister’s office in Kinshasa. Former Energy and Climate Coordinator for CGEDD, French Ministry of the Environment
"The future of dams: can hydropower significantly contribute to reduce fossil energy consumption?"