Le Comité de Prospective

The Foresight Committee's agenda

The themes studied by the Foresight Committee


  • 7 October 2020: The Foresight Committee, which guides the work and development of the Institute, devoted a day of study to the lessons of the health crisis, particularly in terms of environmental health, as well as to the conditions for a successful recovery that addresses environmental issues.


  • 5-6 October 2019: The Veolia Institute Foresight Committee gathered this year around the issue of urban agriculture. Experts from the field and academia, among whom a number of contributors to the Veolia  Institute’s Review on Urban agriculture, presented their work.

    The questions of the right scale to tackle urban food systems and of impact measurement of urban agriculture projects appeared to be key. The potential of urban farming to resources loops and value for a territory was illustrated by many examples. The role of education and social inclusion in recreating links between the city and agriculture was also stressed repeatedly.
    Foresight Committee Meeting 2019: Jean-Pierre Tardieu, Steven Beckers, Dinah Louda, Pierre Marc Johnson, Mamphela Ramphele, Amartya Sen, Fanny Arnaud, Nicolas Renard, Lorraine de Jerphanion, Damien Conaré, Nicholas Stern, René Van Veenhuizen, Harvey Fineberg, Oriana Romano, Jess Halliday, Eric Lesueur.


  • October 6th and 7th: Paris (France), on the challenge of plastic in the oceans.
    The challenge of plastics in the oceans - Photo Caters / Sipa
    The challenge of plastics in the oceans
    Highlights from the Veolia Institute Foresight Committee’s 2018 annual meeting.
    Foresight Committee's meeting - October 2018 : Harvey Fineberg, Andrew Morlet, Patrick Labat, Julien Boucher, Maria Luiza Pedrotti, Romain Troublé, Fanny Arnaud, Nicholas Stern, Philippe Kourilsky, Mamphela Ramphele, Lucy Woodall, Jean-Pierre Tardieu, Pierre-Marc Johnson, Dinah Louda.


  • June 3rd and 4th: Paris,  on the future of hydrocarbons and petrochemicals and the impact on greenhouse gas emissions


  • December 17th and 18th: Paris, on the future of metals and strategic materials
  • June 11th, 12th: Tokyo (Japan), on the theme of Robotics - Applications in the health or nuclear industry sectors, impacts on employment and ethical implications of the development of artificial intelligence.


  • December 5-6: Paris (France), on the theme of climate change: Held on the fringe of COP21 and the Veolia Institute's projects on methane
  • ​June 27-28: Prague (Czech Republic), on the theme of energy efficiency in Europe - First participation of the Foresight Committee’s new member, Yuriko Koike.


  • May 31: Washington DC. (USA), on the theme of ecosystem restoration. The meeting was held on the fringe of the Institute’s international conference organized on the same theme on May 29 and 30 at the National Academy of Sciences.
  • December 18-19: New Delhi (India), on the theme of access to water in India - From the technical, contractual and social angles.