The Institute's Letter- July 2017

The Veolia Institute is a ground-breaking environmental think tank dedicated to foresight reflection. Created in 2001 by Veolia as an international forum, it develops its activities through continuous dialogue with leading scientists, intellectuals and field practitioners, such as NGOs. This biannual letter is intended to keep you abreast of our latest news and ongoing work.


In Pictures Our latest actions

- Nicholas stern entered our Foresight Committee

- Partnership with the Oxford Martin School to organise our 10th International Conference

- Release of our Activity Report 2016-2017

- Facts Reports special issue on Smart Cities at the Crossroads

- Conference-debate on decentralised electrification and development at the European Development Days

- Foresight Committee Meeting in Paris on the future of hydrocarbons and petrochemicals



On November 2-3, 2017, the Veolia Institute will be holding its 10th International Conference, in partnership with the Oxford Martin School, on Resource Availability. For this event, the Institute decided to focus on strategic materials for a low-carbon future.
This conference aims to stimulate broad, illuminating and cross-sector dialogue around the future of resource availability and use in the context of the transition to a low-carbon world.   In particular we wish to consider what the low carbon transition implies for materials demand; what the second order implications are for the extractive industries; and how circular economy principles, resource efficiency and recycling will play a key part in connecting supply and demand.


Facts Reports: Publication of a special issue
Smart Cities at the Crossroads

The latest issue of FACTS Reports on Smart Cities at the crossroads was just released. It analyses how digital technologies are revolutionizing the city's functions, the way we work and consume, the relationships between citizens and even the relationship between citizens and other actors such as public authorities. 




- 19th-26th of September 2017: Conference on Resilient cities in Cerisy
- 2nd -3rd of November 2017: International Conference on Resource Availability in a Low Carbon World in Oxford
- 3rd of November 2017: Foresight Committee meeting
- Fourth quarter of 2017: Publication of a special issue of Facts Reports on Artificial intelligence