Conference Debate Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

  27th February 2018
  Aubervilliers, France
  Artificial Intelligence


The Veolia Institute and The Future Society are organizing a conference debate on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, in Veolia's headquarters on February 27th.

The promise the AI revolution hold to deliver sustainable urban development is immense; so too are the risks.  Depending  on the velocity and magnitude of the development and diffusion of AI and robotics technologies, the AI revolution may raie incomes, enhance quality of life for all and generate previously unimagined jobs to replace those that get automated. Or it may lead to mass unemployment, privacy abuses, discrimination and loss of control over key collective decision-making processes. The participants will give their insight on such risks and opportunites and give leads on how best to harness the potential of this technological revolution.


To discuss the issue, the Veolia Institute has invited the following experts:

  • Nicolas Miailhe, Co-Founder and President of The Future Society
  • Claire Falzone, Executive Director, Nova Veolia
  • Mathieu Saujot, Coordinator of the "Linking Digital and Ecological Transitions" initiative, IDDRI (tbc)
  • Julien Hendrickx,  professor at Ecole Polytechnique de Louvain

​To download the FACTS Reports on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics go on this page.