"Indoor air quality: tackling the challenges of the invisible” - The new Veolia Institute publication

The Veolia Institute Review - FACTS Reports

Indoor air pollution is an issue that impacts a wide range of enclosed spaces such as houses, offices, schools and public transports, in which we spend 80% of our time on average. These spaces are sometimes more polluted than the outdoor air: the WHO estimates that poor indoor air quality is responsible for 3.8 million deaths worldwide each year. In France, the number of premature deaths due to the 6 main indoor pollutants is estimated at 20,000, and the cost of this pollution to the community is estimated at 19 billion euros per year.

The Veolia Institute has just published a new issue of Facts Reports on the theme of indoor air quality. The 15 contributions gathered in the review tackle the question of the  public health problem, measurements and remediation, public perceptions.

> The review is available online here.

To open up discussions on the topic a conference was organized on March 6th at Veolia headquarters in Aubervilliers.

> Watch the conference here (in French).