"L'innovation mais pour quoi faire ?"

"L'innovation mais pour quoi faire ?"

March 2023

Franck Aggeri is professor of management at Mines Paris-PSL, a specialist in the circular economy, ecological transition issues and responsible innovation. He is also co-director of the "urban mines" chair dedicated to the circular economy and a columnist for Alternatives Economiques. His latest book, "L'Innovation, mais pour quoi faire?" published by Édition du Seuil, is a critique of the culture of innovation that dominates political and economic thinking.

How to innovate differently and contribute to a more sustainable society? His reflection leads to the following observation:

➡️ Make innovators responsible for the long-term consequences of their projects;

➡️ Find potential for more sober innovations based on the transformation of lifestyles, consumption and production, compatible with planetary limits and the needs of future generations.

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