"Urban agriculture: another way to feed cities” - The new Veolia Institute publication

The Veolia Institute Review - FACTS Reports

While 80% of food will be consumed in cities in 2050, the issue of how we feed cities, coupled with urban explosion and climate change, is an increasingly pressing concern. Previously exiled beyond the city boundary, new forms of agriculture are now returning to city centers. Cities around the world are rolling out initiatives designed to relocalize part of their food systems. How to reinvent the links between cities and agriculture?

The Veolia Institute has just published a new issue of Facts Reports on the theme of urban agriculture. The 19 contributions gathered in the review tackle the question of new usages of urban agriculture in the city, the diversity of urban agricultural models and the challenges of scaling-up.

> The review is available online here.


To open up discussions on the topic a conference was organized on 1 October at Veolia headquarters in Aubervilliers, with exchanges between researchers, innovative companies, architects and experts who analysed the current growth of urban agriculture in developed and emerging countries.

> Watch the conference here (in French).