With Olivier Godard

“Environmental economics and sustainable development – Ethics, justice and the marketplace: application to greenhouse gases and biodiversity”

  Thursday October 22, 2015, from 8:30 to 10:30 am
  Veolia, 38 avenue Kléber, 75016 Paris
  Workshop : Environmental economics


Olivier Godard, a long-standing partner of the Veolia Institute, has made a substantial contribution to analyzing the complex relationship between economics and the environment. His work covers a wide range of themes: principle of precaution, polluter pays principle, carbon emissions permits and carbon taxation, acceptability of infrastructure projects, collective decision making, the management of social contestability… This event was an opportunity for Olivier to present his book Environnement et développement durable : Une approche méta-économique, published by De Boeck in July 2015. The debate that followed addressed the question of “Ethics, justice and the marketplace: application to greenhouse gases and biodiversity”, with an analysis of carbon trading, a theme that goes to the heart of the negotiations leading up to COP21. Pierre Victoria wrapped up the meeting by setting out Veolia’s commitments on greenhouse gases emissions and biodiversity.


  • Olivier Godard, honorary research director at the CNRS, author of Environnement et développement durable : Une approche méta-économique, ed. De Boeck, July 2015
  • Jean-Paul Bouttes, Director of Strategy, Foresight and International Relations, EDF
  • Bernard Chevassus-au-Louis, President of the NPO Humanité et Biodiversité and former President of the National Museum of Natural History in Paris
  • Pierre Victoria, Director of Sustainable Development, Veolia

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Listen to the podcast of Olivier Godard,highlighting some themes addressed during the conference-debate. In this podcast, Olivier Godard presents his academic background and the main ideas of his last book "Environment and sustainable development. A meta-economic approach", De Boeck, July 2015.  He also proposes a reflection on climate change, the COP21, the carbon trading system, and the organization of scientific expertise.

(In French only)

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