Parallel session 3: Climate 2050

 24, 25 and 26 october, 2007

 Palais des Congrés of Montréal - Canada

 Climate Change

►Parallel session 3 

Climate change is leading to renewed interest in nuclear energy, a proven source of zero-carbon electricity. While some countries plan major increases in nuclear power, others remain strongly opposed. Nuclear power’s contribution to meeting future energy needs and addressing climate change will depend on critical issues including cost, safety, waste disposal, and the risk of nuclear proliferation.

Thomas B. COCHRAN, Director, Nuclear Program, Natural Resources Defense Council, USA


Elizabeth DOWDESWELL, Special Advisor, Nuclear Waste Management Organization, Canada


Ernest J. MONIZ, Professor of Physics and Cecil and Ida Distinguished Professor, Center for Theoretical Physics, MIT, USA


With rapid urbanization, integrated planning and innovative “smart growth” strategies can help ease traffic congestion, reduce air and water pollution, and make cities more livable and sustainable. At the same time, these local efforts can make a strong contribution to meeting the global challenge of climate change.

Don CHEN, Founder and Executive Director, Smart Growth America, USA


Paul LEWIS, Professor, Université de Montréal and Director, Observatoire SITQ du développement urbain et immobilier, Canada


Sanjivi SUNDAR, Distinguished Fellow, The Energy Resource Institute (TERI), National Thermal Power Corporation Professor, TERI University, India


Steve WINKELMAN, Manager of Transportation Program, Center for Clean Air Policy, USA


With the early impacts of climate change already being felt, adaptation is a pressing challenge for all nations. Drought, flooding, extreme weather and other climate impacts are projected to fall most heavily on those countries least responsible for climate change and least able to cope. An equitable climate solution must include stronger international support for adaptation in poor and vulnerable countries. 

Gary GUZY, Senior Vice-President, Marsh USA Inc.


Donald LEMMEN, Science Manager, Climate Change impacts and adaptation division, NRCan


André MUSY, Director, Ouranos, Canada


Youba SOKONA, Executive Secretary, Sahara and Sahel Observatory, Tunisia