Photo © Kentoh Fotolia

The Veolia Institute Review - FACTS Reports

The Veolia Institute Review - FACTS Reports is an international publication that facilitates cross-fertilization on subjects at the crossroads of society and the environment.

Created in 2007, this interdisciplinary journal aims to disseminate good practices implemented in the field and the expertise of different actors: researchers, international organizations, NGOs, social entrepreneurs, public authorities, companies, etc.

Concerning both developing and developed countries, the topics of the reviews cover 7 main themes:

  • Access to essential services
  • Biodiversity 
  • Climate Change
  • Governance and societal debate
  • Resources and the circular economy
  • Health and Environment
  • Cities and urban services

To produce the various issues of its journal, the Institute worked in partnership with the consulting firms Archipel&Co and Nomadéis, the University of the Pacific (California), the think tank The Future Society and the Foundation for Studies and Research for International Development (Ferdi).