One Health: an ecosystembased ecology of health

Serge Morand
Research director at the CNRS and associate researcher at CIRAD

Scientific studies paint an alarming picture of environmental damage and the associated health risks. The challenges are numerous and the ecosystem approach offers a response to interlinked environmental and health challenges, thanks to the One Health concept that provides a systemic understanding of ecological transformation. The concept is used in international governance, by UN agencies, as well as in national governance. France has established a One Health monitoring group within the framework of its 4th National Health & Environment Plan.

Concrete implementation of the concept using One Health social ecology methods is illustrated in the form of co-constructed projects in southeast Asia involving scientists, local authorities, economic actors and local administrations. Characterized by a new form of One Health governance that is more environmentally focused, the impacts of these projects will be felt over the medium or even long term to respond to global environmental and health issues.