Conference-debate : "Urban agriculture: when cities cultivate resilience"

With Up Conférences 20th Novembre 2019 Paris
Photo © Mouvement Up

With Up Conférences
 20th Novembre 2019 Paris - Pan Piper, 2-4 impasse Lamier, 75011 Paris
"Urban agriculture: when cities cultivate resilience"


The Institut Veolia organized with Up Conférences, on Wednesday 20 November 2019, a conference-debate on "Urban agriculture: when cities cultivate their resilience" on the occasion of the publication of its review dedicated to the same theme. The speakers were :

  • Florian Cointet, General Manager, Infarm France
  • Loïc Couttelle, Project Director, 2EI Veolia
  • Mathilde Martin-Moreau, Manager, Cabinet Archipel & Co.
  • Christophe Soulard, Geographer, Research Engineer, INRA

Driven by the desire to encourage local production and to raise awareness of nature among city dwellers, many urban agriculture initiatives are springing up on city rooftops, periurban spaces as well as indoor. While these initiatives are still in their infancy, the benefits of these crops for cities are endless. They contribute to the supply of short circuits, participate in the reduction of CO2 emissions, and reconnect the inhabitants with nature in these concrete urbanised areas. All these benefits are essential to best face the major challenges of the 21st century and improve the resilience of cities.

On the occasion of the publication of the Veolia Institute Review, "Urban Agriculture, another way to feed cities", the Veolia Institute and the UP Conferences network propose to exchange views on these growing practices to make our cities greener and more resilient.