Recycling electric vehicle batteries: ecological transformation and preserving resources

Démantèlement d’une batterie - Photo © Veolia

Pascal Muller, Head of the Hauts de France & Grand Est region, SARP Industries

Romain Duboc, Hazardous Waste Business Development Expert, Business Support & Performance, Veolia

Emeric Malefant, Head of the Electric Vehicle Batteries Recycling Program, Strategy & Innovation, Veolia

The market for electric vehicles is currently experiencing unparalleled growth in many parts of the world. This expansion is supported by a range of policies designed to boost electric mobility. As a result, vehicle and battery manufacturers are significantly ramping up their production, which is now growing exponentially and incorporates materials that are often crucial and can pose risks to human health and the environment.

This in turn makes recycling electric vehicle batteries essential from both an ecological and strategic standpoint. Veolia offers solutions in this field that leverage its experience in hazardous waste processing, recycling expertise, and network of partners, specifically vehicle manufacturers and chemicals specialists. The aim is to protect the resources needed for ecological transformation.