The role of climate technologies in green transition pathways

Sara Traerup
Head of Technology at UNEP-Copenhagen Climate Center (UNEP-CCC)

Battling climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our generation, and climate technologies have a key role to play in our efforts to move towards sustainable pathways through a green transition. It stands clear that climate change is not solely an environmental issue but is intricately linked to challenges of eradicating poverty. There is already great potential in the climate technologies that exists and those that are under their way, however, it is key to enhance the scale of action that will create the frameworks that will facilitate this transition.

A key starting point to enhance the effectiveness of our actions is to understand what kind of technologies are best suited to a country’s specific climate change situation. There is no one-size-fits-all technological solution or transition pathway, and all technologies must be adjusted to fit within the specific local sociopolitical and institutional context. Under the UN Climate Convention, countries are reporting on their climate technology needs, and the energy, agriculture and water sectors are clearly those where most action is required.