Yoyo: recycling all plastic. Impossible? We’ve already started!

By the Yoyo team

By 2025, almost 80% of the world’s population will live in densely populated areas. Cities produce mountains of waste, consuming the most and sorting the least; plastic recycling reaches only 20% in urban areas. We are at a defining moment. If we want our lifestyles to become sustainable, we will all have to learn new ways of dealing with our household waste. Faced with this situation, city-dweller communities were determined to act. They decided to join together to embody the vitally needed change – bottle by bottle – and that’s how Yoyo was born.

Yoyo.eco is a digital and human solution that rewards people who sort more and better to offset the environmental impact of what they consume. In 2018, Yoyo was operational in six cities and its 15,000 sorter residents had recycled 2 million bottles via a French-based short recycling circuit. Yoyo has proved that with resolutely positive ecology it is possible to double the amount of plastic recycled in French cities – and reduce drastically plastic pollution.